Web applications

Integra has developed a number of leading edge web applications for global & local clients. Web applications distinct from websites allow your business to work more efficiently on a day to day basis. We have produced marketing and data gathering applications for Castrol and used car programme support applications for Audi in Italy. If there’s a better way to do something, we’ll find it and help you realise it.

Websites & e-commerce

In addition to our web application work, we of course are also able to develop simple websites that you can edit yourself or if you are looking to take your products or services to market on the internet, Integra can not only help on the technical side, but also offer help and guidance on how to promote your products or services online.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Apps

Whether Apple, Android or Blackberry, Integra has the capability to deliver a high quality products. Moreover, we can help with backend content management through the development of an associated web application that would drive your content.

Email Marketing

With Integra’s vast marketing knowledge, we can help you with the supply of email marketing software that will help you design & deliver high quality HTML emails and allow you to communicate with your customers in efficient & effective manner.

Desktop SMS messaging

As with email marketing, Integra is also able to provide systems that allow you to send bulk SMS messages directly from your desktop directly to National Or International mobile numbers.


If you would to discuss a particular requirement with us, we’d be more than happy to help you shape your thinking and arrive at an optimum solution. As we work with a range of gifted developers, we’d like to think we have a solution to every problem. Contact us today for further information.