Marketing Management (outsourcing)

If your business is at a size where it is hard to justify someone full time to drive your marketing effort, then why not consider using an experienced resource that can deliver what you need when you need it. There are many positive angles to outsourcing. Contact us today to find out more.

Marketing Consultancy

If you need to discuss a specific marketing issue or are simply unclear about a direction to take, our senior team are always on hand to give help and guidance.

Direct Marketing

As key part of the marketing mix, Integra has developed some very powerful direct marketing campaigns that have been creatively strong and delivered results. Whether traditional or digital, Integra can help with your next campaign.

Sales Promotion

From the grass roots of the company, Integra excels in developing hard-hitting sales promotion campaigns that deliver.


Posters, Magazine or Press (and anything in between) the choice is yours. Integra can help with media selection & creative treatments to help ensure your messages are both eye catching & effective.

Social Media

Integra understands the importance of social media. We can help develop your social media plans and help you execute them.

Project Management

Possibly Integra's biggest strength is in the area of project or contract management. You tell us what you need to achieve and we provide the resource to get the job done. You only pay for what you use. No retainers, no fees.

Implementation support

With the number of programmes that Integra has written for its clients over the years, we know how important the implementation phase is. That is why all Integra programmes allow for your staff to be fully supported at every step of a campaign.

Artwork, Print & Production

If it is printed material you seek, then look no further. Integra has access for first class designers supported by a range of printers that specialise in particular treatments. We'd be happy to help you help you with your next project.

Incentive campaigns

As a part of our B2B experience Integra has devised and rolled out a number of sales incentive campaigns to help drive sales and motivate staff.Contact us today to discuss your next sales incentive programme.