Integra understands marketing

Initially established in the UK in 1994, Integra started out as a below the line marketing agency specializing in the automotive industry. Since those early days and now 20 years on, the company has grown with the fast moving world we live in and embraced new technologies and ways of working to be in a position to speak with authority in the areas we work in.

A good example of change is how the internet has evolved in a relatively short time frame. Where once upon a time we were developing mostly print based promotions, nowadays we might be specifying the same activity but using web & mobile technologies that assist not only in the delivery of a promotion, but also in the management & operation of the campaign.

Our work these days is a mixture between traditional & digital marketing. From these core disciplines we have found that in many cases companies tend to outsource the marketing function as they don't have a need for a full-time head, so not only do we develop the ideas, we implement them also. This gives us a valuable insight into how a campaign is received in the market and allows us to monitor performance more closely.

We are as comfortable developing B2B campaigns as we B2C. In other words, wholesale & retail. So whether you are a manufacturer looking to get your dealers/stockist to take more product or you are that retailer looking to sell on that additional product, Integra can help. We will listen and understand your requirement and come back to you with a nice idea or two!

The other area we cover is that of web & mobile phone application development. Integra can develop solutions across varied technology platforms enabling you to deliver dynamic content to your customers or to help your business operate more effectively. Our team of developers are proficient in designing and implementing huge and complex, data-driven applications.

In addition to the above and possibly as a result of the very close working relationship we have with our clients, we have recently added a new dimension to the business in the form of back office support. Utilizing our team & resources, we are able to help clients with the supply of short/part time administrators to help with the day to day running of a business. Covering everything from a Virtual Assistant to a Bookkeeper, Integra can put experienced people into your business at times when you really need them.

Our clients range from large Global brands such as Castrol, Honda, BMW & Sony to local and regional business either in retail or wholesale.

Whether your business is Global or Local, large or small Integra can help and will!